I know what you mean by being confused with all these carbs, high glycemic, low ones fiber etc etc.

I bought a good book that could help, its called the carbohydrate addicted diet, its really well written and tells you what causes an insuline response ( to be more specific good carbs vs bad carbs)

It has tought me a lot, and it could sure help you to be less confused too.

I feel your pain, i also have hunger at night and find myself looking for foods to eat that sometimes can mean hell on a person that wants to cut up.

I know that lots of people are against low carbs, but the book allows you to have a reward meal with some carbs at least one time a day, has long has you have equal balance in the meal, meaning equal protein, carb and fats and salad ( fiber to break the insuline response and fats to do the same.)

Some good supplements can help you a lot, EFA would be a good choice, i take some OMEGA 3-6-9 caps these caps have flax oil, ALA and all the good fats for use body builders.

I also use xenedrine 2-3 times a day wish has been working fine, not to shaky but sure gets rid of sugar cravings and cuts appetit.

When you eat your meal drink water, and more water each day this can really fill you up too.

If you decide to go low carb or cut out the high glycemic carbs you will feel bad for the first 2 weeks but after that your body will adjust and you will feel great.

Eat carbs on weekend and stay strick to your diet ( wish ever you choose) during the week.

I used to have 0 discipline utile i saw results at my gym of a guy that went low carb , he did the body opus diet and man was i impressed.

I dont do steroids , last time i did it was in 1999 and got fakes.

I started 3 weeks ago my bodyweight was 212 pounds, and am now down to 202.5 since last night.

I havent lost that much muscles, and feel my pants a lot looser, but my shirts a lot tighter.

After you reach your desired weight start putting back good carbs in your diet.

When i will be ready to do so i will check the low glycemic carbs and add them to my diet, and monitor my body to see if i stay lean or gain fats.

Hope this will help you and good luck