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    Need A Strict Low Cal Diet For Winstrol! Help

    im going to be needing a strict low calorie/carbohydrate diet, so i can get cut......but i also need to keep the muscle mass up, what foods are good to eat through a week...if u give me some good tips id appreciate it alot.....thanx

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    Hey Bro,
    Shoot bennie or llbeastcd a pm. Both of these guys are very knowedgeable with first hand experience with this sort of diet plan. I'm sure that they will be more than gald to help you out.

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    If you keep carbs down very low you woun't need to worry about calories. So if you stick to fresh beef, fresh chicken, fresh fish,and fresh eggs, you will be fine. Stay away from anything with sugar including fruit. If you want you can have green leafy veggies and brocoli, and coliflower. Dressing for veggies keep to vinigar and oil. Stay away from tomatoes and at all costs ketchup. Mustard is okay, salt and pepper is fine. If youi want very fast results cut the fat too. make sure everything is lean and remove the chiken skin.

    This will get you very fast results particularly when combined with Winny. But, it is not balenced and because of this you should supplemnt heavily with mega vitamins and mega minerals. Casium, zinc, magnesium, are very important when low carbing.

    For more info PM me.

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