hi all,

i remember all my readings about how refined things with high sugar and low fiber are bad cause of the very high GI they have. so, thinking contrapositively, is it true that something containing only unrefined material which is high in fibre and low in sugar has a low GI and thus an excellent source of good quality carbs??

i was reading the back of all the boxes of wholewheat matza and found the following (for anyone who has never seen these before ):

per matza (around 30g):
fat - 0.4g
carbs - 21g (of which none is sugar)
fiber - 5-6g (depending on manufacturer)
protein - 4g

that's it! pretty much all thats in it is wholweat matza flour and water! so is it a good, low GI snack even after passover? I cannot find anything on the net about it's GI!