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    postworkout drink after cardio workout??

    Hey all,

    There's been plenty of threads about postworkout drinks and so on. My question is:

    I know that many people (inlcuding myself) don't have complete off days, but often do cardio on off days (especially if cutting). I normally dont JUST do cardio, eg. today I did 45 min cardio and then abs. My question is : should I have a postworkout drink like after a normal workout, and then a meal one hour later?? or should it just be a straight meal after cario workout, and only have the postworkout drink/meal hour later routin on weight training days only??

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    I have the same question

    I do abs in the morning...Would a post workout drink be alrigt Bump

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    I also wonder about this question xenithon, but I just eat after light days like that.

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    After you do cardio, you are likely to be catabolic, so a fast acting protein would be a good choice.

    Whenever your body is in a state of nutrient deficiency you have to bombard it with fast acting protein to make the best of the anabolic "window".
    I try and get some carbs in there too because I know my body will use them to restore low glycogen levels and will not turn to fat.

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