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    diet for this cycle ???

    I need some ideas for a good diet for this cycle.

    test cyp weeks 1-10 400mg
    eg weeks 1-10 300 mg
    winstrol weeks 6-12 50mg ed or eod

    I eat a lot of tuna, turky, cerel, grilled chicken, potatoes, pasta, and bread. Those are some foods i eat more then others

    I drink 12 glasses of water a day i dont eat past 9 o lock i eat 3 means a day 2 protein shakes a day 21 grams each. If im hungry i drink water or eat a banana ore hae protein shake. I go to gym 5 days a week cardio 3.

    How should i switch my diet or am i ok ??

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    Kinda of hard to work up an exact diet knowing so little. If you want shoot me a pm and I'll try to work something up for you.

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