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    Freezing prepared food

    hey all,

    I am quite sick of making my food non stop. the rest of my fam doesnt watch their food soooo carefully and so i make almost all my meals. does anyone know how long something like prepared chicken or beef can last if frozen? can i make like 20 breasts and freeze them for the week?


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    do what i do. when you buy chicken or a steak, go ahead and grab a ziplock bag, throw your marinade in there along with the steak, and then throw it in the freezer. when you're ready to eat it, all you have to do is pull it out and throw it on the grill. i also do this with hamburgers as it's a cinch.

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    Should be good for a month if you freeze them and wrap them properly.

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    i know prepared food can last up to 3 months if frozen properly (Although my food never stays that long, I eat like a machine :P ).

    I hate cooking non-stop also, not really because I don't like to cook, because I hate to clean up! I try to set one day for the week to do most of my cooking get all my tupperware and zip lock and saran wrap ready, and goto town. I find it works best with chicken, im not too crazy about re-heating steaks, but thats just me. But you can get a lot out of the way if you cook most of your main meals and side portions one day. You do minimal cooking and clean up the rest of the week.

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