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    I need help with a diet :-)

    Hey guys...I plan on starting an Atkins type diet I guess it is. Keeping my carbs very very low. But...since I am working out, I take the whey protein and a lot of them have carbs in them, at least enough carbs where It will be kind of hard to stay at a low carb diet. Anyone know or recommend a carb free protein? Do they exist? Also, anyone come across a list of foods with little or no carbs in them? Im a picky eater already, so this should be hard. But I've been overweight for years and frankly Im tired of it. So I've started working out, going to be taking Xenadrine and gonna try a very low carb diet. What do you guys think? Any tips?

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    Isopure makes a protein shake with ZERO carbs... So, you should try that one.

    As far as foods with low carbs....they would be some veggies and sources of protein. No breads, starches, cereals, sugars, sodas, juices......and so on.

    Low carb foods can be egg whites, tuna, chicken, and most things high in protein. You could make a low-carb salad with lettuce, cucumbers, bean sprouts, and sprinkle Ms. Dash on it for flavor....

    If you just keep your carbs to a minimum and keep your diet low in fat, then I think that's the only diet you really need. The problem with "diets" is that once your eating routine changes back to what it was before, you will gain some of the weight back...sometimes more.

    The trick is to eat clean and healthy all the time...and if you're looking to lose for right now, then try the Atkins diet, but make sure that when you're done, you maintain a healthy eating routine. Bust ass on cardio too!!

    Also, stay completely away from carbs after 6pm..... I notice that I lean out really good when I eliminate those extra carbs.....

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