Hi guys i have seen another study on heatlhboard.com in the weightloss section that a guy says with 3g of ALA a day you can get into ketosis without dropping all your carbs.

This is some feedbacks from my part, i am taking very close to my 3g a day and am doing bodyopus right now.

I take the supplement omega 3-6-9 wish has 212mg of ala and another supplement flax wish has 500mg of ala.

I take about 700mg 3 times a day, with the meal i feel has the most carbs in it, even if i low carb there still has some carbs.

I dont take this all week only from firday til tuesday so by the weekend ( btw i dont pig out on carbs on weekends) i use it to pack my muscles with the carbs i use and on sunday night after cutting carbs , i take it true tuesday so i can get into ketosis faster.

I havent experienced any dissiness nor heart burn up to date.

I have search the net for info on ALA but havent found nothing on bodybuilding and this.

Usually i look into medical studies , i found it too be a very good anti oxidant but nothing on glucose transport.

I know that Omega oils and flax can keep your heart very healty so this is a good benefit to take the capsules.