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    how much is too much red meat?

    what would you guys say was too much red meat? I am eating a steak every day for lunch, is that too much? Very lean cut, but still...

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    Depends on the rest of your diet. Steak is a great protien source.

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    yup it all depends. i was also reading an interesting article about how different blood types 'accept' large amounts of red meat better than others. hmmm, try some alternate source, for example here I buy ostrich. it is a bird but look/feels like red meat, tastes probably even better, and is considered the healthiest meat on earth (about 1.3g fat per 100g, 0 cholesterol). i dunno if u can get ostrich, but maybe try find an alternate which is 'healthier'

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    Red meat is expensive too.

    I still eat at least a fat steak a day.

    But chicken breast, fish (tuna kicks ass) and pork are all good sorces of protien as well.

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    If it is lean, eat as much as you want. Protein in red meat is the most similar to our own muscle proteins. That means the amino acid profile is closest to ours. in my opinion, red meat is the best protein source there is, as long as it is very lean.

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    I agree, protein in red meat kicks ass. Yeah it is a little high in fat but if you watch your total fat intake you could definitely include a steak in there. In fact I'm gonna warm up the grill right now and throw some cow on there....

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