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Thread: I need a diet

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    I need a diet

    I have been working out for a while now, and I have just started doing cardio 2-3 time a week. The thing that hurts me most is my diet. I have never really sat down and decided how much of everything I need to eat or paid attention to it. I weight 190lbs and I am 5'9". My main goal is to lower my bf and get

    If anybody can help me out on what type of pro/carb/fat/cal intake I should have I would be very thankful.

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    50 pro 30 carb 20 fat.

    Or you could do a carb rotation diet, which takes some work...but it is worth it. Right now for cutting, I am doing only post workout carbs at 40-50, and fibrous veggies with lean protein sources in every other meal besides that. I do a carb up, either when i start feeling weak and flat, or at least every 10-14 days. It's working so great, but I think it would cause too much muscle wasting if you are not on anabolics, so go to and look for chris aceto's diet...jay cutler uses it in contest prep. Check it ou t.

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    There are a number of strategies for this. Diet and cardio. Common diets for cutting are low calorie (reducing caloric intake or low carb. Both will take a great deal of commitment and probably a change in lifestyle so be ready to do it.

    Make sure you really work when you do your cardio rather than just going through tohe motions. That helps a lot too when combined with ANY cutting diet.

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