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    Is this a good fat.

    Is that Chocolate Frostein from protein factory any good. I'm going to be bulking and wondered if it would be alright to incorporate in it.

    Ingredients List: Adiotize (a patented adipose essential fatty acid), Protein Blend (Milk protein isolate and ion exchange whey concentrate), Medium Chain Triglycerides derived from coconut butter, water, hemp oil, natural and artificial flavoring or cocoa, gluconodelta lactone, microgaurd, potassium sorbate, splenda.
    1 tablespoon
    14 grams
    7 fat
    5 protein
    0 carbs

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    The ingredients look ok but wouldn't it be cheaper just to have some flax oil, natural peanut butter or almonds?

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    Overpriced, I'd use regular oils/almonds/etc.


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    I Heard Protein Factory's Protein Tastes Wretched

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