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    PLease help me determine the calories needed...

    Hey bros...

    This is the cycale I'll be on:

    test 500mg week 1-8
    fina 1/2cc ed week 1-6 or 8
    dbol 30mg ed week 1-4

    My stats: 160lbs, around 18% body fat.
    My question: what is the minimal amount of calories I can take so I can grow, but still not get fat? I presume there no way to do a bit of fat burning and growing at the same time?

    Later on for my last 4 weeks I will be cutting. I'll be on Clen, Ephid. stack, Fina and maybe Xenical. What should my calories be then?


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    multiply your weight by 20 thats your desired calories/daily.
    40%protien/40%carbs/ what I go by,.

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