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    Talking girlfriend is stuck could this by thyroid related

    Hi everyone, my girlfriend weighted about 170 pounds when i met here 2 years ago, after training and all she is now stuck at 135 pounds and is 5 feet tall.

    She has tried various diets, and exercices, plus weightloss drugs that didnt work at all, xenical and meridia.

    She doesnt have access to phetermine but then again if she doesnt eat she will not lose anyweight at all.

    Before i met here she got an operation got here gallbladd removed do to some kidney stones, she was 11 days on liquid and has not lost a pound.

    This is very confusing and i would really need some help.


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    Some people metabolic rates are slower than others.If she has tried all those things maybe she should see a professional if she is that concerned with her weight.She,s done well bro

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    Has she been dieting for a while maybe she should up the calories for a bit and then after a couple weeks drop them again

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    I had my gullbladder removed when I was fourteen and my fat digestion is pretty screwed. How many times a day does she eat and when does she eat her carbs. What worked for me was a six meal day with three days on moderate carbs and two days with almost no carbs. Walk/Jog in morning as well.

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