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    i recently started a deca /winny/prima cycle but i also went on a quite strict diet for the few weeks before the cycle and carrying on dieting into the cycle. now i feel tired dizzy etc. i have spoken to some ppl but im not sure if this is happening because of roids or my low carb diet is getting to me. I also thought my sugar levels could be low so i started getting some honey in and more fruit but still feeling dizzy etc. i got to 200 g of carbs a day averagely and about 300 g of protein where 120 g come from Protein supplements ( maybe thats too much to take from supplements). Id like to hear some ideas and views on this please.

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    make sure the majority of your carbs are comming from Quality sources, Id keep the honey and sugary carbs to a minimum, just after your workouts. also it may be a lack of many things, first thing that comes to mind is IRON are you getting enough, from steaks, oysters, spinach etc......, if it keeps going for a while I'd get a blood test.
    hope it helps

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    Bro, you need more carbs, and preferrable more low glycemic carbs for more stable blood sugar. This may not be your only answer, as I think you need more calories as a whole. Remember you ability to recover now is tremendous because you're always in a positive nitrogen balance. That means your muscles fibers are always recovering at a faster rate than you're tearing them down. So go ahead and feed them. Let the gear do it's job. Make sure you're getting enough sleep though.

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