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    difference in diet for females?

    Hello all, I have been in the diet forum for almost half a year now, and my diet is close to perfect (when i have the will power that is). Anyway, recently a lot of people have been coming to me for help, i pretty much give them a basic outline of the "cutting sticky".

    I have a problem however, Im going to try and help my mom. Shes like 47 i think, and works out twice as long as i do. Her effort is good but her common knowledge lacks. she does cardio with weights 4x a week and cardio 5-6x a week. Anyway, i have no idea what her BF%, but i would guess pretty low. Her goal is to loose weight and get kinda of defined but wants to weigh somewhere around 115. anyway, right now shes 120 and her diet is almost self-induced starvation:

    Meal 1: Trail Mix cereal bar- 140 calories
    t+2hours Meal 2: Yoplait Lite Yogurt- 110 calories
    t+45minutes- cardio 45 minutes 75% MHR
    t+4hours Meal 3- Same as above
    t+6hours Meal4- 2 servings Peanuts
    t+9hours Meal 5- Lean Chicken + fruits
    and right before bed meal 6- handful of grapes

    Anyway, she mixes carbs and fats at times, but her goals are different, its just to get cut, possibly to loose a little more body fat, but to define muscle. Anyway, i know the diet would probably get me banned if it was for me, but what would you suggest for females?

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    She needs to eat more period bro. Both for fat loss, and even more-so for muscle preservation/gain, which in turn will become her "new" metabolism.

    At this rate, she's spinnin' her wheels or will be very, very soon.


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    should i figure out her BMR and put her on a deficit caloric diet of 5-10%? and also how should i base the macro prospective of her diet?
    20%fat ?????

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    No difference between guys and gals when it comes to diet bro.

    Use the sticky and set her up the same way with a calorie deficit.


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