Guys need some help here.Im doing eq 300mg per week and deca 200mg per weekand will soon be doing primobolin and im getting good results,but im trying to lean up and my lower stomach and lovehandles are a mess.There real soft squshy.i know it sounds bad and it is.Im starting to get my upper abs in and it looks ridiculas.Im doing clenbuteral and upping the cardio.Im lowereing the carb intake and taking mythoxy.I have a couple of questions.
1)i was taking in alot of caffine and dimedadrine as a supplement could this make me hold water in my lower stomach area.
2)what should i take for energy before my workout
3)how much carb intake should i take in.
Im up for any suggestions on what to do.
also is it true that you can gain some sort of bulge in the stomach area after doing a cycle of deca.Your help is definatly needed and appreciated