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    how much food should be eaten while on a cycle of deca 400 and primo 300? should i eat even when i am full? any time of day? i know that eating about 6 meals a day is good but how much? i don't want to get fat. i want lean muscle mass. thanks

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    Eat twice your weight (lbs) in protein and eat at about 1.5-2hr intervals (3500-4000cals) dont eat more than 50-60g of proitein in a sitting

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    Mike hit the nail on the's really that simple. Oh yeah, try for a ratio of 50/30/20 (carbs/protein/fat) unless you are trying to lose fat...then switch to 40/40/20. Also be sure to drink AT LEAST a gallon of water per day. If you need food ideas do a quick search on this forum. If you need recipes...we have plenty in the recipes thread in the diet forum. Good Luck


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    I would even recommend a little more fat. Especially EFA's cause they will help promote fat loss. I'd play around with it but don't be afraid to try even 30% fat.

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    Could not agree with you more. People are so afraid of fat and carbs now a days, it's like they're either saying..."I can't eat that, it has 1g of fat" or "It has 5 carbs, that's too much". Fat is directly and indirectly anabolic . It holds as an energy reserve once all the carbs and protein for the meal have been used up, and will help keep you in a anabolic state till you get some more food. Flax oil, Natural Peanut butter, and Olive oil are three good oils/fats that should be a part of every BB's diet. Try salmon too....mmm that stuff is good!


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