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Thread: night eating

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    night eating

    im currently on a cycle of winny deca . i wanna be ripped up by the end
    should i eat in the night if so what? and how many hours b4 bed should i not eat or should i eat all the time consantly ... thanks

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    Before you go to bed try having a protein shake with some glutamine that always works for me.

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    You want to lose fat, not muscle. Constant protein consumption...ESPECIALLY when dieting, is the only way to do that. I would suggest some slow release protein, such as casein, egg, meat, or time release whey with glutamine as tedmax says.

    I wake up in the middle of the night, have some glutamine, and usually a quick 20g shake, then hit the sack...I do not wake up on purpose, but if you are drinking enough water, there is no way you are going thru the whole night without going to the can.

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    I agree load up on the protein just avoid the carbs a few hours before you go to bed

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    Yep I agree with the all above, a nice protein shake and some glutamine will do the trick.

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    what can I do except agree

    I normally go to sleep around 12, my last meal with real carbs is at about 7, I'll have something like salmon steak with sweet potato or oats. Then around 10 I'll have protein only, eg. chicken strips, eggs, tuna etc. NO CARBS, I even avoid low carb veges, just in case (I get them all in during the day anyway). about 1/2 hour before bed slam the glutamine, and just before bed have protein blend shake (mix of whey, egg, soy, casein) with flax oil - which also helps slow down protein breakdown to keep it going thru the night

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