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    cutting question

    when trying to drop bodyfat (mostly in midsection) while still preserving muscle how high should the carbs be???? My bodyfat now is about 14%, I would like to get to around 10% but I am having trouble with working my diet out. I am 5'10 about 200. Any help would be great
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    Hey bro,
    I had you figureed up at 40 grams per meal. I'm not sure if your gaols are presently the same so this figure could have changed since then.

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    There is no doubt that in order to rip up you must decrease your carb and calorie intake. The trick is doing this without loosing muscle. I would start off by lowering your calories slowly. If you do this drastically in one day you will feel like crap and loose muscle faster then you put it on. You need carbohydrates in your diet weather bulking or cutting, but when cutting its the types of carbs you eat and when you eat them. I would suggest that you stick with low glycemic carbs througout the day, these types of carbs are burned off as energy much easier by the body due to how slowly they absorb. This means you will not gain as much fat off of them. High glycemic carbs should be still consumed immediately after workouts to restore glycogen levels. After 5pm I would try to take out as much carbs as possible since your metabolism is slower at night and your not as active so carbs have a much greater chanve of storring as fat. Protein should bu very high on this type of diet in order to prevent catabolic phases throughout the day. This means at your weight I would consume 40grams of protein every 3hrs 5-6 times per day. On this type of diet it is strongly recommende that you eat 5-6 small meals per day in order to regulate your blood sugar levels, prevent catabolic phases, and to burn as much cal, carb, and fat as possible. I would also sugget that you begin to train on an empty stomach since your body will use the fat you have stored in your body as its fuel source. When doing cardio ruo around 60% of your maximum heart rate. At this rate you will burn fat, and not muscle. Do this for 1 month and you will lean out a LOT!!

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    i would generally say, when starting a cutting diet, do 1.5g/lb protein and 1g/lb carbs. Also, do your bodyweight x 12 (maybe 13, depending on how fast your natural metabolism is), that will be total calories needed, then subtract those from carbs and protein and divide by 9 to get fats. eg. My suggestion : 2400 cal, 300g protein, 200g carbs, 45g fats. Stick to that for about 2-4 weeks, and slowly tweak the diet.

    VERY IMPORTANT: never choose a diet and stick to it for 6 months you must adapt as you go along, depending on results, and adjust the ratios accordingly.

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    You may want to try HIIT cardio. I can't speak from experience as I just started the program this week. I can say that it is kicking my ass. Three weeks prior to the HIIT i was doing 30 min LSD (long slow distance) in the morning and 30-45 min LSD in the evening. That got old as it ate up damn near all the time I was not at work, plus wore my knees out. The HIIT doesn't take near as long and like I said, by the end of my HIIT, I'm sucking wind like no LSD cardio I ever did.

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