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Thread: Please help!

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    Please help!

    I really need some help with getting a cutting diet for my uncle. He has a genetic defect that gives his a 95% chance of getting cancer. One thing he really wants to do it get into shape.

    Here are his stats...

    6ft 4 in
    20% bodyfat

    He is currently on a diet consuming around 2500 calories (too low) and doing cardio 6 times a weeks for 50 min. (too much).

    He has been lifting for close to two years and know how to lift but struggles with losing fat.

    He can stick to a diet...Any input would help!

    I was thinking approximately 400 grams protein, 225 grams Carbs, and 75 grams of fat.

    I can show him the right foods to eat and when I am not sure on the amounts for somone that size.

    Thanks alot guys!

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    Read the cutting sticky and contruct a diet for him. Don't worry so much as to specific numbers or macro breakdowns, just read the cutting sticky and understand it's principles then create a diet based off of that. You should probably start with a little more than 2500 calories if he is 240 pounds though.

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