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    breakfast pancake

    heres a great recipie i came across guys tasts good too:

    6 egg whites 1 yolk 1/2 cup oats, 1 bananna chopped 1 spoon olive oil, mile together fry in fry pan for couple of mins serve with honey. takes all of 2 minutes stopps me feeling hungry untill lunchtime.

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    no honey or oil for me......but I did that this weekend and it was good......fake butter, sf syrup and some blueberries......cant do it during the week cause I make like 3 of them (smaller) and it takes too long, aspp. after, you need coffee with it.....a little dry. Ever fridge em?

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    I make mine the following way:

    6 egg whites/1 yolk
    1 cup oatmeal
    1 scoop protein
    1 Tsp Vanilla extract
    4 packets of Splenda

    Mix it all in a blender and I cook them in a pan coated with EV Olive Oil
    It makes about 4 pancakes and is filling.

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