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    well when i was in afghanistan 3 years ago i developed a cronic cough that i thought was from all the dust. turns out that it is acid reflux caused by calcium pills. since i have an allergy to dairy products i have supplimented calcium since i was 5 and only now developed an intolerance for it. now i need to get my daily calcium from foods. does anyone know what foods are rich in calcium?

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    milk maybe, and human bone

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    i think you missed the part where i cant drink milk and sorry i just gave up being a cannabal last week

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    There is calcium enriched tofu--I think it's 100mg of calcium in less than half a cup, which is pretty good.

    And here's some info for ya as far as calcium content (best sources are in bold):

    Almonds 92mg in 1/4 cup
    Baked Beans 64mg in 1/2 cup
    Blackstrap Molasses 145mg in 1 tblsp
    Dried Figs 30mg in 2 medium figs
    Mustard Greens 50mg in 1/2 cup
    Orange 52mg in one medium sized
    Red kidney beans - 25mg in 1/2 cup (cooked)
    Rhubarb - 174mg in 1/2 cup (cooked)
    Salmon - 185mg in 3.5 ounces

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    you can get OJ fortified with calcium too...but i dont know if that would be the same as a "suppliment"

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    some seeds are very rich in calcium. sesame seeds comes to mind. You could also try a calcium ascorbate supplement. Its calcium bonded to vitamin c. the vitamin c is a anti histamin so it could help prevent any alergic reaction.

    But the need for calcium is greatly exagerated imo.

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