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    Exclamation Chicken the hidden dangers

    I was watching a TV program last night about the bacteria on chickens and they covered the good old areas of Salmonella and the new kid on the block Campylobacter(Been around for years just less publicised)

    The report indicated that out of 100 chickens tested 69% proved postive with the bacteria Campylobacter.These had been purchased from various supermarkets in the UK.

    It also said out of the 500,000 cases of food poisioning a year chicken was responsible for 75%

    This takes on average 10 days to develop and lasts for approx 7 days.Symptoms are dizziness headaches diarrhoea and vomiting.

    This takes 4 days to develop and can last for upto 4 weeks.The symptoms are much the same as Campylobacter.

    Both of these can be caught by eating undercooked chicken and poultry.Cooking until the meat is WHITE with no pink at all can greatly reduce the chances of catching these.

    Also ensure all cooking untensils/surfaces are cleaned because this can be spread around the working surfaces of your kitchen.

    I,m sure everyone already knows all this but don,t want to hear of anyone losing there hard earned gains through something like this!!


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    Bacteria infection

    Hey Billy,
    Good post man, I work with a environmental firm and I have been around many farms here in the south checking on various contaminates. Mostly waste run off that would contaminate the environment. The Veternarians useually handle the actual birds, cattle ect. All bacteria can be destroyed at a specific temp(not sure what temp) but as you said if the meat is throughly cooked there's a good chance of it being ok.The problem useually lies in how the meat is processed once the birds are slain and how long the meat remains in the ambieant temp. before it is refrigerated.
    It is important to keep this meat either froozen or refrigerated before cooking.(Like duh!) But it is as equally important that once it has thawed not to refrezze the meat but to go ahead and cook it. Later,

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    That is why, I usually boil my chicken, or broil it till it is almost burnt. Mind you it is tough as hell, but after I season it with some Tony's, and alot of other cajun spices, it tastes like momma used to make it. haaaa.. One thing about down here in south Louisiana, we can take the most disguisting thing, and make it taste good with alittle seasoning and as they say, "Rue".

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