after contest i have my fun for a day load glycogen levels with good carbs SUSHI !! LOL
next 2 days take 3 grams ALA with 400-450 grams protein with about 100 grams fat and about 50 grams carb (1/2 grap fruit 3 meals and some starwl berries) shoot my body back into ketosis becuase i won't be training and just relaxing next day I will be in ketosis and will start back on diet as 450 protein 200 carbs 100 fat ect. with 3 grams ALA 500 each meals. What is going to happen is this your body is going to use the fat as primary fuel and all the glycgen from the carbs is going to be shuttle straight to the muscle and not stored as any fat. When glyogen is transfered so are amino acids from food extra. So bascially your going to be burning fatmachine and shuttle nutrients to the muscle with out storing anything as fat and the non work out days my calories drop by about 500 because of HIT cardio and knocking out the psot work out meal.

should I stay with 200 grams of carbs on non work out days and just use the HIT cardio to offset the calories or drop carbs may be a little bit for more calorie defecit.

ALA should keep me in to ketosis at 200 grams of carbs a day no mater what and is my theory theorctically correct ?

I diet designed to get maxium absorption of all my protein so that would not be a problem at all. I have done extensive research with this and these are the concluisions i came up with, just want to know if theyare feasible or not !! I have been taking ALA for past 2 -3 weeks and my weight is jumping up from each contest by 2-3 lbs in 2 weeks my contest weigth jumped 5 lbs and conditoining improved tremendously. Only thing i changed was introsucing the ALA into the diet all other variables have been constant not to ention i have been 12 weeks clean from all checmicals so that factor is nullified !! Currently i'm about 205 to 206 at 4% bf preparing for my last show, but have been working with beverly international in an scieneitfic offseason approach to gaining lean body mass and conclusion is simple. calorie density and utliazation of proteins is the key with stable insulin levels used to maintain gaining lean body mass with minimal cardio except for 4-5 weeks when trying to gain size in the post work out drink. after 2 weeks you keep insulin levels steady and just harden up what you have gain. Kind a 2 step forward one step back approach but in theory makes alot of sense


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diet is like fine tuning a car once you that groove you got all 8 cyclinders running nothing going to stop you !!