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    what kind of carbs after working out???


    This is my 1st post on the diet thread, so i dont know if it had been beaten to death already- sorry if so.....But anyways, at first I was doing the whole limited carb thing, until i got more serious about working out and read up on alot of stuff... Then I realized how important it is to eat carbs post-workout and whatnot... but WHAT KIND of carbs do you guys eat??? And ONLY post-workout?? Or throughout the day>?? And which, COMPLEX or SIMPLE- and whats the difference??? Thanks alot

    PS- I'm bulking!!


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    Simple carbs, they are easly absorbable, they spike insulin , which in turn drives niutrients into the muscle, after the workout the insulin sensitivity is very high in the muscle cells, so most if not all of the sugar and protein consummed will end up exactly where it need to be, in the muscle, to get you recovering and geting bigger...i like about 30-45 gm of Whey protein isolate, 35 gm of maltodextrin and 35 gm of dextrose after my workout, my wieght kicks arouns 190-200 lbs...good lcuk...XXL

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