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    why is aspartame bad?

    why is aspartame bad for you ?.......does it make you retain wate or mate you bloated or anything? t as bad as sugar? seems to be 0 calories?does it make you bloated?

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    Re: why is aspartame bad?

    Because it was invented by communist Martians who are out to get you.

    Seriously, who ever said that aspartame is bad?

    Okay, that's a rhetorical question. The answer is: lots of people. There has been an Aspartame/NutraSweet conspiracy theory going around for many years, coming from people as diverse as Pat Robertson and the Scientologists. (Hmmmmmm... Sounds like a rock group. "Ladies and gentlemen, Pat Robertson and the Scientologists!") Do a search on aspartame on Yahoo or any other search engine and you'll find enough references to last until Armageddon.

    Do I buy into these theories? No. It is zero calories, and does not generally produce any of the side effects mentioned.

    One notable exception: There is a fairly rare condition called phenylketonuria which is caused by a chemical called phenylalanine, which is in aspartame. Don't ask me what they are - in all the years I've been guzxzling Diet Dr. Pepper, I have only met one person who had it. But you'll find a phenylketonuria warning on almost all cans of diet soda and other products made with aspartame or NutraSweet.

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    Another fact is that aspartame was tested along with agent orange and several other such chemical substances in Vietnam for chemical warfare. Aspartame IS a neurotoxin, plain and simple.


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