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    Since im deployed in the Military and cant eat right can anyone perscribe me so eay fixiing reciepes that taste great and can be made quickly?

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    Great to hear from you Bro!

    Hey Pure Anger!!!!!!
    How's it going man? Listen it is really great to hear from you. I have not been floating around the different forms lately so if you made post else where I probably missed them. I'll work something up for you but I'm not sure exactly what you want. What do you have access to? (Pans,bowls, ect) Is there a Store close by the base where you can get ingredients ect? Let me know and I will try to see what I can dig up for you. Also, look at the post that I made for Iwana2bsolid2. There are some quick reciepes that you can fix however they were posted with the impression that he had already taken in all of his daily caloric needs and he was looking for somthing to snack on so they may not be very good subsitutes for a meal. I look forward to hearing from you.

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    1 16 oz glass ...

    12 oz water

    2 scoops whey protein



    No, seriously ... do you have access to anything ... and can you purchase anything supps wise (proteins - creatine - glutamine etc )... there are a couple guys that mailorder here ... good luck
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