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    what percentages do u guys use for macronutrients while dieting?

    Hey bros just wondering how much protien, carbs and fat u consume on a cutting diet while natural? I've tried TKD diets and I find my strength suffers dramatically


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    Depending on the amount of training both with weights and cardio I'd use 1.2-1.8grams of protein per lb of lean mass and 0.8-1.5 on the carbs. If training an hour 6 days or more then max out the figures.

    Where fat is concerned reduce saturated fats where possible and replace them with polyunsaturated fats such as flax oil, deep-water fish and monounsaturated fats from olive oil and avocados. Research has shown that Omega-3 oils from flax and other sources improve health and assist in fat loss. One to three tablespoons a day of flax oil mixed in a protein shake or used as salad oil with vinegar, or taken straight will dramatically improve fat loss and long-term health.

    And don't forget water...shoot for a gallon per day.

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    Right now, 45% carbs 40% pro 15% fat

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    60% protein 30% carbs 10% fat ......

    Carbs don't work well for me .... This program split works best for me .... You need to figure what works best for you and do it....

    If you find your strength dropping considerably add a lil more complex carbs than at present...
    Trial and Error ....

    good luck

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