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Thread: My diet

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    My diet

    Here is my diet , want to know what you guys think. I am looking to put on some lean mass with out added fat any comments would be greatly appericated thanks.

    Meal #1 (post workout)
    Myoplex or Met-rx shake
    bowl of cherrios or oatmeal

    Meal#2(2-3 hours later)
    Low carb protein bar

    Meal #3
    Chicken or Tuna
    1-2 cups of rice/pasta

    Myoplex or Met-Rx shake

    Meal #5
    Chicken,beef or fish
    1-2cups of some sort of complex carbs

    Meal #6 Depending
    120z class of milk

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    Looks pretty good.
    If I were you I'd count those calories to make sure your above maintenance. I'd also add a protein shake right before bed to get you through the night(not whey, get a blended protein).
    Lean mass-rethink the milk on meal 6, 12g of sugar per serving and depending on kind, the fat might be a factor

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    I agree with Pheedno, count those calories. I made the same mistake of switching to a very clean diet, but my calories were like only 2000 a day. Way too low for a 230lb person.

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