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    Whole Food Verses Other Food

    I am very busy throughout the day with school and band, and soon competitions and homework will be coming around as well.

    I have been worried that perhaps I am shortchanging myself as much of my intake comes from protein bars and protein shakes as opposed to good ol' food.

    I was wondering if i should even bother posting my diet in the diet forums if 7 out of my ten meals are from either shakes or protein bars, or if i should just wait until i get out of high school to inquire about diets around these forums.

    I am 17 years old 5'5" 185 pounds. I have been lifting for as long as I can remember (about fifth grade is when i started) but I got really serious these past two years. I went from about 130 up to 198 and back down to where I am at now. My numbers on the big three are 425 squat, 295 bench, and 500 deadlift... if that means anything on this forum.

    I apologize if i sound uneducated.

    I would appreciate any kind of feedback.

    Thank you,

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    Sorry bro, the minimum age for this forum is 18 years old. I suggest you take some time and just read through the diet forum to get some ideas about proper nutrition as 7 shake/bar meals per day by my standards is horrible. One of my major concerns with not including enough whole foods is the lack of micornutrients you will obtain through your diet and fibre as well.

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    You guys already know my take on this.. run a search and find your answers..

    Also, wait until your birthday to resign until them use the search function and gain more knowledge..
    -B D

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    If asking diet advice Post Stats/current diet/goals!

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    because of your age I do haft to ban you but as stated please do a search... and we will see you in a few months...
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    For anyone else interested...

    Stick to whole foods. The shakes are easy to digest and don't spark your metabolism as much as real foods do. Also, when you're dieting real foods help keep you full longer then shakes due to the breakdown of your food by your digestive system.

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    7 shakes and bars a day,you must shit water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Remember.............for us to help you you need to help us....................stats and exp.........

    Source checks and Ugl's to be kept to PM's
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    sorry but absolutely no sources will be checked at this present time....

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