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    "Unused" calories?

    I was having a convo w/a buddy the other day about bulking and mentioned I was aiming for 3000+ calories.

    he went on to say that it was pointless to have "unused" calories in your body, that they are just going to waste.

    this sounds absurd to me, but is there any truth to it?

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    Well, list your stats. Will you be doing AAS?

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    Depends on how your body is working.

    Your body has three basic choices. Either use the calories , store the calories as fat, or get rid of the calories as waste.

    If your body is geared to NOT store fat, then it will either use the calories for fuel or it will get rid of them as waste

    If your body is NOT running correctly, then what ever calories it can't burn in a three hour time frame will be stored for fat....

    Many more details to this but this will give you the idea

    So calories depend on what you are doing and how you are burning them

    Hope this helps a little

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