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    week 6 of my cutting cycle : feel like a real shit !!

    just entered in the final 4 weeks of my cutting cycle,already dropped 5-6% (went from 17 to 12%) bf in 6 weeks,still have 4-5% to drop...
    for the final 4 weeks I decided to TOTALLY cut the carbs of my meals...for the 6 first weeks I was taking 150,then 50 g of carbs a day and now I have NO CARBS AT ALL in the day.I decided to do it to "shock" my body cause it's very hard to me to drop fat,so I cut all the carbs (only have 1 shit day in the week end where I eat carbs,a little free sugar...tryin not to get crazy lol) for the 4 next weeks and increased the cardio to 50min-1hour 6X week instead of the 40 min I did usual.
    Still have 4 weeks of cytomel to run too.
    I FEEL LIKE A REAL SHIT NOW !! it's day 2 and I just understood one thing :I'll have to decrease the ECA stack I usually use ( 120E/400C/700A) cause I feel bad on it now...
    did someone use the " NO CARBS AT ALL FOR THE FINAL TOUCH" to shock the body and drop more bodyfat?
    what do you think about this technical bros ?
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    alevok Guest
    I am not a big fan of no carb diet and wanna know what others think about this diet.
    It sounds torturing to me

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    yep,but sounds to be a good idea for the MOFO slow metabolism like mine...

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    You going to find it hard to have no carbs at all, when i work out and have no carbs in even 1 day, i start shaking really bad, and feel weak all the time, your body needs carbs, no way around that, maybe doing 2-3 days a week with some carbs. If you do no carbs at all, when you get back to your normal diet, your just going to put all the fat back on again.

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    Hey bud, a no carb diet, can be dangerous and can permanently damage your body. Your body needs carbs, just like a car needs gas. Your brain and other organs need sugar to function properly. Carbs are necessary to your normal body functions. I am a big fan of LOW CARB DIETS NOT NO CARB DIETS. That would explain why you feel like total crap, don't risk hurting your body, carbs are okay as long as you eat them in the early morning hours. Another thing is if your body isn't getting enough carbs it needs, guess what your body will start using for energy? That's right protein. Yes, your body will use that protein for energy.
    My advice is to not cut carbs totally out of your diet, but limit your carbs, mostly in the morning hours and regulate how much you eat per day.
    If you are looking to drop body fat, then try doing more cardio, the weight will eventually come off, you can't loose fat overnight.

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