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    question for the big guys - how do you force yourself to eat enough?

    i'm currently 275 with a pretty fast metabolism so eating enough to sustain my current mass is a pain in the ass. problem is, i'm looking to move up to the big 300 (eventually i would like to be around 320) as it is i eat 7 meals a day, and most of the time i feel full up. i was wondering how some of the 300 pound guys around here managed to consume enough food to sustain (and increase) their mass. the way things are going i'm going to need to hook myself to an intravenous drip in order to get enough food.

    help, please!


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    I had a really hard time at first, so I trained myself to do it. I added one meal each week, and within a couple of weeks I was at 6 meals a day, and hungry after about 3 hours. I tried to go straight to 6 meals and 3000 cals, and I felt like I was going to puke.

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    you can start by drinking more in place of eating on some things... for instance my pre and post workout meals are almost completely liquids.. (protein shakes and dextrose). Another way to help get the calories needed to keep the mass is uping your fat intake.. this can be done easily by buying tuna in sunflower oil rather than tuna in water and eating lots of natural (smukers makes a good natural) peanut butter.. hope this helps, im no expert but that is what i would do.

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