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    Question on metablosim

    If a person has had a solid diet for a over a year and workouts 3-4 times a week and does a good amount of cardio and basketball and works at a job that has you doing some labor, Since a person does all this does that mean i can eat some junk food here and there and burn it off quicker cause my diet is solid i mean does it make my metabloism move faster and burn fat faster even on my off days where i dont work or go to gym.

    So basically what im trying to say, having a good diet for a long time does that make you metbalosim faster and better?

    Would my body burn fat faster now then a year ago like say i ate a piece of cake a year ago and i ate one now would my body burn it faster now since i have a good diet and routine etc???

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    Eating more food more often (the usual "bulking" diet of BB'ers) will increase your metabolism and it will happen much much quicker than a year of it.... It is perfectly fine to eat that cake and what not on special occastion (sp?)... but mc. donald's for lunch everyday is too far.

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    Your digestive system and metabolism work more effciently after eating well for long periods of time. Your body begins to train itself how to absorb food more effectively. I would say yes to you second question.

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    I think eating well for a long period of time can also make your body react worse to bad foods.

    Thats just a personal opion though, I can't back it up w/ anything :P

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