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    protein per sitting

    i was just wondering how much protein can the body use in one sitting. i've heard that if you eat more than 50 grams in one sitting, anything extra will not be absorbed. any truth to this? if it matters, i'm a 23 yr old bodybuilder and i weigh about 235 lbs and stand 6'2"

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    It varies bro everybody has a different views on it .I have always read 70-80g every 2 hrs.

    I don,t consume no more than 70g every two hrs


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    Out dated studies state 30g per sitting. However, I eat 60-70g. I feel that works well for me.


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    Thumbs up best way is to try it

    For protein its best to try it,

    i am 5 feet 10 inch tall and weight in around 210 and 220,

    last year i used to eat 250 to 300 grms a protein a day, around 50-60 grms a sitting, i just got plain fat.

    Now i eat about 200 grms a day and my body hasnt stop growing.

    Guess you should try it for yourelf. me i thing that they say 30 grms and 50 grms well i would go in the middle and take about 40 grms.

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    Mike Guest
    There isnt a universal answer to this one - your body type and weight will dictate precisely how much protein you can consume efficiently at one period. A good rule of thumb in my research is that the typical body - unless condition to 5-7 thousand cal diets and a long duration of excess protein consumtion - can consume between 50-60g of protein at a time - This should be done at 1.5-2 hour intervals. Personally I consume about 70 but never try to exceed that - and I believe if I am actually using all of that it is only because my body is so used to consuming such large amounts of food for such a long period of time.

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    I have heard the same info Big Al. In fact, I posted something about this in an answer to another persons question. I heard one person say on the boards that protein can turn into fat like carbs? I didn't think this was true, is it? But then again, more than what you need is sometimes better, and assured that you are getting enough, just don't over do it.
    I think Mike's answer is probally the most accurate, and from what I have heard. It does depend alot on your own body, and what you are used to.

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    I already posted a similar response under another thread, but thought I would pipe up here:

    What Mike said is basically the truth here. Everyone is different, and it definitely depends on what your body is used to getting. But it has long been held that the body can only use like 30g protein at one sitting, so everyone seems to cut their consumption at that point. What people dont seem to realize is that this only holds true in the absence of the consumption of other macronutrients (ie - only 30g protein alone). The body can will and does (again, depending upon your personal factors) utilize much more than 30g protein when it is consumed with carbs and fat in one sitting. First, consuming other stuff will slow all of the digestion of whatever is in your stomach and the protein will be digested over a longer period of time. Etc., etc.

    Basically I dont consume more than 40g of protein at a time if that is all I am consuming (like in my prebedtime prot shake), but if Im consuming fat and/or carbs at the same time, I dont shy away from more (although at my size and with my meal freaquency I rarely have a need for more than 40g at a time except perhaps post workout)

    My .02

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    Thumbs up Mike, Big Al know what they're talking about.

    It all depends on the person and how muich they can consume at a sitting. I used to consume 170g P, and I've gradually increased them to now where I am taking in a little under 2/g/pp, and I've increased my weight by almost 40 lbs naturally. - PaPaPumP

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    Any macronutrient can be stored as fat if you go over your calorie limit. Protein too dude.

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