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    end of my cutting cycle:your help please

    stil have 2 weeks of my cutting cycle to run...I do 1 hour cardio 5Xweek+cytomel +winny...I began 8 weeks ago...
    I want to know what you do bros to avoid taking fat you lost when you come back to a normal diet ? I'm at the hardest point of my cutting cycle (totally cut carbs 2 weeks ago,carb rebound in the week end)
    the big problem is that I'm going in vacation for 2 weeks and I'm afraid to see my fat comin back!!!
    I was thinking to take some hydroxicut with me,what do you think about it guys ???

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    If you go back to your old ways, you will go back to your old body. Diet is a life decision.

    Hydroxycut cannot hurt you, but it won't compensate for a poor diet.

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