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    !!!!Cutting diet...PLZ critique!!!!

    I finally came to a diet that hopefully meets my needs for cutting. Let me give you my background and stats. I am 6'7" and weigh 295 lbs. I have about 24% body fat. I used to have a good diet and used to be very active (used to play college basketball) but slipped when i started working for frito lay for a year and gained some weight. I recently quit and I now run 4 days a week for about 45 mins and play about 2 to 3 hours of basketball on the weekends. I've been lifting for a good 8 years solid but was never hardcore on gaining mass or getting ripped. I put this diet together based on the research i've done and i need all the critique i can get.

    45 min cardio workout before breakfast

    Meal 1
    8 egg whites, protein shake, 1/2 cup oatmeal

    Meal 2
    Protein shake, 6 oz of albacore tuna (1 tbsp flax)

    Meal 3
    small salad, 8oz baked chicken breast, 2 tblsp of natty pb

    Meal 4
    8 oz ground beef (95% lean fat free), 1/2 cup brown rice

    Meal 5
    protein shake, 1/2 cup oatmeal

    WORKOUT @ 6:30 OR 7:00

    Meal 6
    Protein Shake, 1/2 cup oatmeal

    Meal 7
    6oz can of albacore tuna, salad

    Before Bed @12am
    Casin Shake w/ Flax (Most likely will be Probolic sr by MHP)

    1/2 cup oats: 150 cal, 5g pro, 3g fat, 27g carbs
    8 egg whites: 240 cal, 48g pro, 0g fat, 8g carb
    6 oz tuna: 210 cal, 45g pro, 3g fat, 0g carbs
    2 tblsp pb: 190 cal, 8g pro, 16g fat, 7g carbs
    8oz chicken breast (baked): 220 cal, 50g pro, 2g fat, 0g carb
    8 oz ground beef 95% fat free broiled: 389 cal, 59g pro, 15g fat, 0g carb
    1/2 cup brown rice: 108 cal, 2g pro, 1g fat, 22g carbs
    1 scoop of ON 100% Whey: 120 cals, 24g pro, 1g fat, 3g carbs

    Total calories are 2737, total protein is 372g, total fat is 81g, and total carbs is 89g. I did not add in the totals for the salad as i had a hard time finding the totals. I did add in the two tablespoons of flax oil a day.

    Is this an ok diet or could there be some tweaking. And also can i eat veggies and fruits during this diet? thanks for all of your help.

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    Any help? According to the Harris-Benedict formula (
    for a moderately active person like myself, it recommends a lil over 4000 cals to cut. I am afraid i am a lil bit too high on the protein tho. if anybody can throw in their 2 cents thatd be great cuz i am looking to start this asap. thanks

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    Are you sure you have your maths right on the carbs? 89g from 1.5 cups oatmeal and 1/2 cup of rice is not corrrect IMO so I would check it again. All in all layout looks pretty good. Many will say that you have too much whey in there. Personally I get on real well with whey as long as it is combined with wholefood in the same meal (which is what you are doing). Try the diet and after a couple of weeks make the nessecary alterations. If you are not losing fat drop the cals by 2-300 (I would drop some carbs and pro to lose the cals and leave fat as it is throughout). repeat that procedure every couple of weeks. Think about including a cheat day every second week (I have a high carb day) to kickstart metabolism.

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    Thanks beast. I also pm'd IDB and he pretty much gave me the same advice, specially bout the shakes. he advised to drop the fat tho. and as for the oats and brown rice, i got all my cals/fat/pro/carbs from but i might have mistyped somethin. i'll go back and look and change the diet as needed. Thanks for the help again

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