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    fat cals while bulking

    after posting a few times and being heavily encouraged to go natural for a while, i decided to do just that. i've been bulking for about 8 weeks with pretty incredible success. in 8 weeks, i went from 138 to 152, and i seem to keep gaining! i get like 1-1.5 lbs per 2 days! is that possible? i drink tons of water, and eat every 2 hours or so.

    i know when you are bulking you're suppose to eat everything and anything, but my question is this: how much fat cals are ok? i gave up on trying to eat a ton of "healthy" food and now i just eat whatever...put mayo/cheese on my sandwichs, drink whole milk, eat peanut butter, etc. is this cool? i'm noticing a nice layer of flab on top of my muscle. is the weight i'm putting on fat?? god, i hope not...

    i hit the gym everyday for at least 2 hours...2 muscles groups a day, 4 exercises per muscle group, 5 sets per exercises, reps: 10-8-6-6-6 with heavy weights.

    my diet consist of:
    1000 cal weight gainer shake (50g protein)
    2x protein smoothies (40g protein)
    2x turkey/ham sandwiches
    2x peanut butter sandwiches
    2x spagetti or zaterans rice stuff
    some potato salad
    whatever else

    should i cut back on the fat? i eat so much that i think i'm above my daily recommended amount of fat. i eat candy bars too...=(

    basically i'm freaking out because i don't wanna be doing this for a year and then learning i'm gunna have to work another year to get rid of all this fat i've added on.

    thanks for the advice, tips, comments,
    -clocky baby

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    I think you should be ok for may want to cut back a little bit though. You've made great gains in 8 weeks and I commend you. I myself start tomorrow on my natural bulk cycle. I think you've shocked your body into growing and in the coming weeks the rapid growth will slow down (but you'll continue to grow just at a little slower pace) this is when your muscle will start to catch up as long as you keep working out.

    Oh yeah I'd add some more protein into the mix, it doesn't seem to be enough especially if you want to be feeding those muscles.

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    damn bro u gonna get phat and going natural in trying to burn all those fats and keep your muscle mass isgoing to be a long terrible journey of long cardio's and no carb dieting...yikes! Dont over due it bro. Keep your carbs as early in the day. Dont let that shit sit when u sleep andwake up w/ afat belly.

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