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    Starting cycle...Need new diet..(yes im kinda chunky)

    Heh, hi guys. Ive recently been on a high protien,moderate fat,low carb diet. Im about 5'7 180 lbs and anywhere between 20-25% bf. Im starting my first cycle and i want to lose a lot of bf while "on" ..My cycle looks like this

    250 mg testoviron per week
    30 mg anavar ed
    and cycles of 2 weeks on 2 weeks off Clenbuterol

    This will go on for 8 weeks. I heard that all the fats in my current diet wont be good for while im on a cycle so if you have any better idea im all for it. And please be specific, id love an already planned out meal plan if anyone has one. I really just wanna lose my gut and acually look like i lift weights for once

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    some fina might help you cut up

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