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    Need as much Help as Possible

    ok, i've been reading and all u guys continue to say to the people that need to lose weight "fix up your Diet" etc. but now i ask, how should i fix mine up??? what to eat? what to watch out for????? my Diet is basicly awfull right now, eating Mcdonalds and shit pretty often, i want to get off that shit and start eating good so i can lose alot fo weight.

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    It really is not that hard. Just use good old common sense when eating and you should be ok. If you want, shoot me a pm and I'll show you how to determine your daily caloric intake.

    Baked chicken, any type of fish or poultry baked should do you well for your meats.
    Stick with complex carbs such as potatoes, rice and such.

    Completely elminate simple carbs form your diet. These can sneak into your diet quite easily in the form of sodas and such. Read the backs of nutrional labels if you are not sure.

    If dinnieing out, always stay away from all you can eat buffeas(Spell?)

    And last but least, check out the receipe section h ere at AR. It has (if I do say so myself) some of the finnest cooks around p[osting receieps, tips and other interesting stuff that will help you keep your diet from becoming to boreing.


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