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    Fat Burners: Evaluation of all products we tried

    Should be interesting to know this from everyone. There are lots of 'best eca stack threads' but the only list the best. Why dont we list all the stacks we've tried and our evaluation? That should be much more informative.
    I'll list the brands i've tried and my evaluation ranging from 1 to 10.

    Ephedrine 25 (MVP Nutrition): 9
    The best synthetic ephedrine I ever used, and cheap too!

    SteroMax Yellow Caps: 9
    Probably the best herbal ephedrine stack i ever used, great product!

    Dymetadrine Xtreme: 8
    Runner up to Yellow Caps

    SteroMax Yellow Stacker: 6
    The light version of yellow caps, not all bad but get yellow caps!

    Hydroxycut: 6.5
    Not bad but certainly not worth the money

    Ultimate Nutrition Ultra Ripped: 5
    High expectations, but bad results!

    Efedrina Level 50mg: 6
    Didn't give me the results I expected

    Green Tea: 7
    Nice & cheap add-on supplement

    Ventipulmin Liquid Clenbuterol : 9
    Works great but not without a proper diet! Also seen a slight increase in muscle & strength.

    Im gonna try some new ones soon, including Dyma-burn extreme and some home made stacks. I was gonna try Universal's Animal Cuts but since I heard so many bad things about this stack, i wont.

    I'll keep this post updated.

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    i just tried

    dymetadrene Xtreme last chest day.i bought a bottle because i felt like shit and wanted some energy for my workout.that shit is no joke!!the crash i got from it though was equally no joke, but i'll continue to use it on large muscle group days.good shit.

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    Well I have stated before that nothing beats Thermogene from SportPharma.
    I do not think that there is anything on the OTC market that is stronger at the moment, although I could be wrong.

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