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    Feeling a little nauseous..

    I work at McD's right, and I never EVER eat their food seeing as I see how it's made. After reading about cheat days I figured today would be mine considering it's not gonna hinder me that much with my extremely high metabolism. I ate 1 BigMac and ever since I have felt light headed and my joints are sore. But, I also ate PopTarts and some nachos today too.

    Could that be a change in intake of different kinds of food?

    None the less, I'm not eating that crap anymore.

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    Nah, you are just a *****!

    LMAO @ 1 Big Mac...omg..those are so small. What are you, 110lbs?
    ***No source checks!!!***

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    I like a quarter pounder and a double quarter pounder without bread and ketchup for a protein/fat meal.

    If I'm going to cheat, I prefer a meat lovers pizza with extra cheese. And maybe some Guinness.

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