So on oct 27 I did a bf test and got

Subscapular 13.9
Tricep 8.9
Midaxilla 7.1
Chest 6.3
Suprailiac 1.9
A**omen 6.7
Thigh 11.1

Body Density = 1.07880

BF% = 8.84
I weighed about 180-185 lbs depending on the scale

And Now Nov 21 after starting to bulk

Subscapular 15.7
Tricep 12.8
Midaxilla 11.8
Chest 9.0
Suprailiac 15.9
A**omen 7.9
Thigh 15.8

Body density = 1.07076

BF% = 12.28

Im now at just over 200 lbs 202 last time I weighed myself. I'm also taking creatine now which I started 3 days before my last bf test so some of the weight is water weight. So By those numbers assuming 185lbs before (go with the high end) and 202 now I've put on 8.5 lbs of fat of the total 17. Figure its safe to assume that half of the remaining gains could be water so minus 4lbs or so about 4lbs +/- of lbm in about a month?

Sounds reasonable no? Natural btw