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    I don't know what to do pelase help

    I gained weight during a depression stage. I used to be 160 lbs solid, now I am about 180 lbs flabby. Big belly. I went from a 32 to like a 38. I wanna get back to a 32 and a nice stomach. Don't even have to be abs just something not poking threw my shirt

    I want to lose weight but only in my stomach. I don't want to loose weight in my chest shoulders or arms because I plan to bulk again like I used to.

    Please help with a decent diet plan. I'm not looking for something very strict and hard because I know I'll never do it. Just something that could help me lose weight in my stomach and waist.

    Can someone please please help, for this is very hard to think about because like i said i don't wanna lose weight except in my stomach and waist.

    Also, should I take some hydroxy cut or animal cuts??
    Thank you
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    you cant spot train but if you lose weight you will lose it as a function of the fat% of a particular area given. Meaning if your 20% in your abs and 10 % in your chest you will lose more fat in your abs of course.

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