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    I ask for help and no one helps!!

    I've been asking for help on dieting and no one gives a shit. Can someone PLEASE PLEASE help me?!

    I want to lose my belly but not anything else. I wanted to use this diet until it went down:

    breakfast 1: bowl of fruits and glass of skim milk
    lunch 2: salad and water
    dinner 3: Grilled Chicken with veg on the side (string beans) and water

    but like 2 people on here said it sucked and it would get me even double fat when i plan to bulk. I just wanna lose my belly so I could start bulking and get big. Guys help me man this sucks I'm not getting ANNYY help

    I'm 20 185lbs

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    550 doesnt look to good....I would get 5/6 small trying to lose some BF myself...take a look at my diet I posted it a few days ago...I'm not saying its great but I lost 3 LB's this week....make sure you do cardio 4/6 days aweek thats what I'm doing

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    Is there any reason why the cutting diets that are already posted won't work for you? Many of us don't want to re-write what is already written and available for review.

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    bro, u need to do some research and look at others with similar stats and what they have done. because im a nice guy i'll put my cutting diet in here for you mind you i was bout 225 when i did this so u'd need to adjust it for your weight(cut down cals by bout 500 or so cals keeping macro proportions the same)
    meal 1
    1 1/2 cup egg beaters
    1/4 cup oats

    meal 2
    2 cans tuna
    3 tbsp natty peanut butter

    meal 3
    8 oz chicken breast
    1/2 cup oats


    pwo nutrition
    2 scoops prot powder
    3 scoops carb powder

    meal 5
    8oz chicken breast
    1/2 cups oats

    meal 6
    8oz lean ground beef


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    lost in translation
    all these meals r 3.5-4hrs apart, u need to do this to keep ur metabolism cranked up

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    Take a look at my diet and if you have any questions PM me or just post up on my thread.

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