Well, i'm going to cut up in 2 months.

- Pro – 370,6g [1482,4] [42.5%]
- Fat – 122,5g [1102,5] [31.5%]
- Carb – 229g [916] [26%]

This is what i'm going to use, dietwize, and percetage wize.
The question is:

After i'm finished with cutting.
If I feel energetic enough on this level of carbohydrate, can I just switch up the fat (healthy fats ofcourse), and bulk on this?

I know: Bulk (More calories then you burn), Cut (Less calories then you burn).

When I keep my fat intake high in the bulking phaze, my hormone levels are going to be at it's peak (yes testostorone and stuff are "built" out of fat).

And it would be easier for me to gain lean muscle, instead of a whopping amount of fats (kinda sensitive towards carbs)..

Tell me what you think, eh