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    Bulking question, Answers please,. NOW!! :)

    Hey ok here's my question, To maintain my current body weight I need to eat 3200 Calories. If I ate 5000 CAlories a day and trained naturally what would that do for me? I figure get fat if I dont work out, but if I do keep very active, well I see results quicker apposed to just eating 3800 cals a day and gaining a lb a week. Understand my question?

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    Go easy....try Mike XXL's version of a LEAN bulk.
    Trust me...I've been down that road (5000calories a day).
    I gained more than 1lb alright....but much of it fat.

    Unless you plan to gain lot of fat, and look worse in the end, I advise against that.
    Careful planning and intense workouts with some cardio (2x a week) will make you gain while not adding too much chub and keeping you healthy.

    Now, some people go way over their calorie needs as they preach this, but then they are on many drugs. Plus 5000cals a day, without junk, is pretty again, youll end up being what you eat.
    Trust me, be careful with diet. Like everyone here says, it's 90%. Regardless of the percent, it can make or ruin your bodybuilding make it right. Take it from me.
    Get a good diet, 1.5g-2g protein (I guess you're a hardgainer from what you've said) and 500cals above your Active metabolic rate).....and train hard.
    Get rest and don't overtrain.

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    Here it is Mr. Tobz


    Meal 1(8:00am): Macro's: 806,69,81,18.75

    -8 boiled eggs (136/24/0/0)
    -Whey protein shake (285/40/10/2)
    -1 cup oatmeal ( 300/10/54/5)
    -1 1/2 Cup Whole Milk (225,12,17,12)
    -1 bananna

    Meal 2 (10:30am): Macro's: 413,40,33,12

    -6-8 Ground Turkey (173,36,0,1)
    -1/2 non cooked cup brown rice (150/4/33/1)
    -1 tablespoon flaxseed oil (90/0/0/10)
    -Soy beans, another 160 cals

    Meal 3 (12:30pm) Macro's: 870,93,64,31

    -2 cans chunk light Tuna (300/65/0/1)
    -2 slices whole wheat bread ( 280/12/52/4)
    -1 tablespoon flaxseed oil ( 90/0/0/10)
    -2 tablespoons peanut butter (200/16/12/16)
    -1 apple, some tomato, lemon, and jalepenos for tuna.

    Meal 4 (2:30pm) Macro's: 380,49,30,11.5

    -6-8 oz Chicken (150/40/0/1)
    -16g peanuts (80/4/3/8)
    -1/2 Cup Oats (150,5,27,2.5)

    Meal 5 (4:30pm) PWO Macro's: 600,45,84,8

    -6oz Ground beef: 200,33,0,6
    -2/3 Cup Pasta: 400,12,84,2

    Meal 6 PPWO (7:30) Macro's: 948,55.5,116,18.75

    -1/2 Scoop Whey: 73,11.5,5,.75
    -80g Glyocomaize or Dextrose: 280,0,52,0
    -1 Cup Whole Milk: 150,8,11,8
    -3 Slices White Bread: 210,6,42,1.5
    -3 Slices Turkey: 135,15,6,6
    -5 Slices Turkey Bacon: 100,15,0,2.5

    Meal 7 BedTime (10:00) Macro's: 310,32,9,16.5

    -1 Scoop Casein: 110,24,3,.5
    -2 TB Peanut Butter: 200,8,6,16

    Total Macros’:
    Calories: 4327 (fruits, veggies not included, right around 4700 Cals)
    Protein: 376
    Carbohydrates: 417
    Fat: 117

    All in all i'm right about 5000 cals, all healthy food, I've trained myself to never get full, with the added fruits veggies i'm consuming alot, I play basketball about 4 times a week for 2-3hours and workout, so I dunno, I just want to maximize my time diet and workout energy.

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    You have been warned and will be banned if it continues.... *admin*

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArronS View Post
    u would probs just die
    Quote Originally Posted by ArronS View Post
    43 years old? shouldnt you be dying about now?
    Quote Originally Posted by ArronS View Post
    same thing happened when i injected into my penis so annoying
    Arron, I'm watching your posts, and I've seen enough. Either you are too young to be a member here, or too immature. Consider this a warning, if you have any more posts like this you will be banned.

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    Just a little side note: I don't know if you have ever had Flaxseed oil, but if you haven't, make sure you are eating some food with it that will mix well with it. Personally, I hate the taste.

    I realize this has no relevance to your actual question, just had to throw that in there. But as long as you are working out while on your bulking diet (Mike XXL's is a good one), you should be fine. Just stay committed to your workout and diet and you will see good results.

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    It all depends on calories spent. So you have your TDEE but you can justifiably increase your intake since you are quite active. To be more precise and critique the diet it would be a mere guess without stats.

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    I'm 5'9" started at 172lbs on this diet, now at 180lbs 5 weeks later. I haven't calculated body fat yet

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