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    precooked brown rice?

    Hey, a quick question for anyone who may know. Ever since I began bodybuilding I have eaten precooked whole grain brown rice...the kind that you microwave for 10 minutes or whatever. Uncle Ben's brand or Minute Rice says 100% whole grain and natural so it looks good but recently I read that it's not as good as uncooked brown rice, the kind you have to boil for an hour or so. Can anyone advise me on this? Have i been screwing myself all this time? God, I don't have time to simmer rice for an hour...

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    I use the 90 second Uncle Bens when I'm in a hurry or just lazy but I don't use it as much just because it's a lot more expensive. The macros are fine but the sodium is high as well...just drink more water!

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    I have the same brown rice and made the mistake of buying the one I had to simmer for an hour. They both contain the same amount of nutrients and they both have the same whole wheat council . org reference. There are no preservative. Of course going natural is always better than quicker fix, but there is no noticeable difference.

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