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    Is there really such a thing as too many cals on cycle?

    Hey, what up bros...I'm just posing a quick question/discussion topic. First my stats, I'm 23 5'6 173 bf 8%, got one cycle under my belt (8 weeks of Test E and d-bol only) and am gearing up(literally and figuratively) for my second cycle in July. My first cycle produced pretty good results for such a basic cycle, I put on about 25 lbs and kept about 15. during my cycle I only loosely tracked calories, but I know that my daily calories were in the stratosphere. I estimated my macros for every meal, i'm pretty good at that... but i didnt keep a daily log. I feel as though I would have spent the whole day writing and eating if i had done that. every meal contained an enormous amount of protein and carbs and/or fats.
    I am just wondering if this is the way to go..every 3 hours just stuff yourself full, or if next time i should limit my calorie intake and monitor my macros more closely. My macros were fairly in-line since I've been eating a bodybuilding diet for such a long time, and my cals were at LEAST 6-7000 per day, but should I keep a detailed log this coming cycle for even better results?

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    If your sole purpose is net weight gain whether is be muscle or fat then perhaps no need to calculate cals. However if you goal is to maximize muscle mass while minimizing fat gain then yes you have to be wary of calories consumed. Personally whether on or off my cals vary slightly.

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    I thought the same thing till I weighed it and tracked one day exactly. I was off.

    It would be worth your time to do it just for one day.

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