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    Check out my cutting diet

    I am a 225 pound individual who wishes to cut down bodyfat for the next month and a half. Avitar above is myself. It has become hard to shed pounds even while doing 2 a days at the gym (cardio then weights)

    diet as follows:

    Meal 1- 2 scoops whey protein, 2 tbs all natty pb, 1 cup oats
    Substitute:1/2 cup oatmeal with 6 egg whites and slice of cheese

    Meal 2- 10 oz chicken/tuna 8-10 oz broccoli

    Meal 3- 10 oz chicken/tuna 8-10 oz broccoli (optional meal)
    If carbs are needed, use oatmeal or brown rice or sweet potato

    Meal 4 - 10 oz chicken/tuna, big handful of almonds

    Meal 5- Oats with mixed fruit, 1 scoop of protein powder

    Meal 6- pwo nutrition
    ...........Waximaize with creatine immediately after workout
    ...........2 scoops of protein powder and banana 20-30 mins after workout

    Meal 7- 6 egg whites and a ? yam.
    Substitute: Chicken/fish and brown rice

    Meal 8 (midnight)- 2 scoops whey and 5 oz of lowfat cottage cheese
    Substitute: chicken, fish

    any sugesstions?

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    how about proteins fats and carbs listed-its too hard to tell like this

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